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Scholarly Interest Report
Marjorie D. Corcoran
  • B.S. (1972) University of Dayton;
  • Ph.D. (1977) Indiana University
Primary Department
   Department of Physics and Astronomy
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 Mu2e experiment
 D0 experiment
Research Areas
 Experimental Particle Physics

The Standard Model and beyond


   The Standard Model of particle physics has been extremely successful in describing all known experimental results.   However, we know that the standard model is incomplete, since, for example, it does not explain the matter-antimater asymmetry of the universe. From astrophysics, we know that 95% of the matter of the universe does not appear as stars and galaxies, but is dark matter which we see only through its gravitational interaction. The main goal of all of particle physics research is to find the physics that lies beyond the Standard Model.


Fundamental symmetries


The fundamental symmetries of parity (P, inversion of coordiante system) and charge conjugation (C, interchange of particles<--> antiparticles), play a central role in particle physics. In particular, the violation of the combined operation of CP is known to be connected in a deep way to the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe. These and other fundamental symmetries, such as lepton number and lepton flavor violation, will be probed in future experiments at Fermilab. There is a new initiative, the Mu2e experiment, will search for charged lepton flavor violation to unprecedented levels.

Teaching Areas
Selected Publications
 Phys. Rev. Lett., 101:171803 (2008)
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 Refereed articles

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 submitted to Phys. Rev. Letters
 Phys. Rev. Letter, 95:081801 (2005)
 Conference papers

T. Aaltonen et al (CDF and D0 Collaborations) "Combined CDF and D0 Upper Limits on Standard Model Higgs Boson Production with up to 8.2 fb$^{-1}$ of Data." arXiv:1103.3233Submitted

 Conference Paper

"B Physics at  the D0 experiment, presented at the International Conference on High Energy Physics, Valencia, Spain." (July 2014)

 Conference abstracts

Talk presented at the meeting of the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physicas Society,

University of California at Sante Cruz.

 Invited Talks

speaker.  "CP Violation and rare B decays at the Tevatron." Les Recontres dd Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste, Lathuile, Italy. (March 2011) With D0 and CDF Collaborations


Collouquium  in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Rice University


Department colloquium at the Univeristy of Hoston physics department.


Speaker.  "Status of the Luminosity System." D0 physics conveners meeting, Fermilab, Batavia, IL. (Jan 11, 2008)


Speaker.  "Status of the RunIIb Lumiinsoity Constant." All D0 Meeting, Fermilab. (April 25, 2008)


"Radiative Kaon decays--Recent results from KTeV." Conference on the Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics, San Juan, Puerto Rico. (May 2006) With KTeV collaboration


Speaker.  "Celebrating the World Year of Physics-- Einstein's Miraculous Year 1905." Texas Section of the American Physical Society, University of Houston. (October 2005)


Speaker.  "New Information about the B_c Meson." Moriond QCD, La Thuile, Italy. (March 2005) With for the D0 and CDF Collaborations


speaker.  "Data Quality for the Central Track Trigger." D0 Central Track Trigger weekly meeting, Fermilab, Chicago (via videolink). (weekly)


Speaker.  "Search for lepton flavor violating decays in KTeV." KTeV Collaboration meeting, Fermilab, Chicago, IL. (June 2005, September 2005)

 Seminar Speaker

Seminat at Texas A&M University high energy physics group.

 Session Chair

Convener of the sessions on heavy quark properties at the International Conference on High Energy Physics, Paris, France, July 2010

Supervised Theses & Dissertations
 Dennis Mackin, PhD A Search for the Lightest Supersymmetric Partner of the Top Quark at D0. (2010) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

 Zorawar Wadiasingh, MS Cooling Rates for Relativistic Electrons Undergoing Compton Scattering in strong Magnetic Fields. (2010) (Committee Member)

 Michelle Victoria Prewitt, MS Operation of the D0 Run IIB Luminosity System and Determination of the RunIIB Luminosity Constant. (2010) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

 Michelle Prewitt, PhD Search for the rare decay Bs-> mumu at D0. (2013) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

 Joseph Barchas, Masters of Science Electrostatic Energy Exchange in Shock Acceleration. (2014) (Committee Member)

 Julie Managan Hogan, PhD Measurement of the forward/backward asymmetry in B+ -> J/psi K+ decays at D0. (2014) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

 Julie Hogan, Ph. D. Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in the Production of B+ mesons in proton-antiproton collisions . (2015) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

 David Rivera, BS Mu2e Straw Tension Measurements. (2015) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

 Julie Hogan, MIssing transverse energy studies at D0 . (2015) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

 Will Barnes, MS Impulsive heating in the solar atmosphere. (Committee Member)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 Distinguished Scientist Award, University of Wisconsin Physics Department (May 2, 2008)

Positions Held
 Brithis Marshall Scholarship Review Committee, Brithis Conlulate. (2010 - 2010)

 Division of Particles and Fields Executive Committee, American Physical Society. (2010 - 2010)

 Committee Member, Fermilab Users Executive Committee. (2010 - 2010)