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Scholarly Interest Report
Douglas Natelson
Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Materials Science and NanoEngineering
  • Ph.D. Experimental condensed matter physics (1998) Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • BSE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering / Engineering-Physics (1993) Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Primary Department
   Department of Physics and Astronomy
Department Affiliations
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering
  • Rice Quantum Institute
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     Natelson's Homepage
    Research Areas
     Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, nanotechnology, nanostructures, nanoelectronics, organic electronics, strongly correlated materials, plasmonics

    Research statement


    Doug Natelson is interested in nanoscale physics, in particular the electrical and magnetic properties of systems with characteristic dimensions approaching the single-nm scale. A variety of unusual phenomena arise in this size regime, and an understanding of the properties of matter on these scales may well have a profound impact on future technologies.

    To explicitly see the impact of quantum mechanics on the properties of matter (e.g. quantum interference contributions to electrical conduction) typically requires small systems (~ 1 micron, or 1/100 the diameter of a human hair) and low temperatures (often < 4.2 K, or -269 degrees Celcius). However, at the atomic size limit quantum effects can dominate even at room temperature. The transition from quantum to classical behavior is called "decoherence" or "dephasing". As systems approach the nanoscale the interplay between quantum effects, the "decohering" influence of the environment, electronic correlations like magnetism and superconductivity, and disorder lead to an impressively rich area of study.

    Techniques now exist for controllably fabricating structures with characteristic lengths below 10 nm, through both "top-down" methods (combining electron beam lithography, directional etching, and metal deposition) and "bottom-up" approaches (chemical fabrication, self-assembly). We can now examine "traditional" solid state systems at previously unexplored scales by making samples in this newly accessible regime. Further, we can utilize our skills to develop tools (e.g. sets of nm-spaced electrodes, sensitive nanomagnetometers) for studying novel materials such as fullerenes and other molecular and molecular-scale objects.

    Areas of interest include electronic, magnetic, and optical studies of atomic- and molecular-scale devices; nanostructure-based studies of strongly correlated materials, and organic semiconductors. Eventual technological relevance may be possible in areas such as molecular electronics and quantum information processing.

    In addition to learning a lot of neat physics, people in this research group will develop skills in micro- and nanofabrication, sensitive electrical measurements, various microscopy techniques, semiconductor physics, low temperature physics, and vacuum systems. Anyone interested in working in this group is encouraged to send email (natelson@rice.edu).

    Teaching Areas
     statistical physics, nanoscale physics, nanotechnology, honors mechanics
    Selected Publications
     Refereed articles

    Jiangtan Yuan, Jingjie Wu, Will J. Hardy, Philip Loya, Minhan Lou, Yingchao Yang, Sina Najmaei, Menglei Jiang, Kunttal Keyshar, Heng Ji, Weilu Gao, Jiming Bao, Junichiro Kono, Douglas Natelson, Pulickel M. Ajayan, and Jun Lou "Facile synthesis of single crystal vanadium disulfide nanosheets by chemical vapor deposition for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction." Adv. Mater., 27 (2015) : 5605-5609.


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     Conference papers

    D. Natelson, D. R. Ward, F. Hueser, F. Pauly, J. C. Cuevas, D. A. Corley, and J. M. Tour, "Plasmons in nanoscale metal junctions: optical rectification and thermometry", Proceedings of the SPIE (Optics+Photonics 2011) 8096, 80961O (2011).


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     Invited Talks

    speaker.  "2d Materials:  Opportunities for Electronics, Magnetism, and Optics." Smalley Curl Institute, Graphene Day, Rice University. (11/15)


    colloquium speaker.  "Heating in atomic- and molecular-scale junctions." Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA. (2/15)


    colloquium speaker.  "How does heating work at the nanoscale?." University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. (4/15)


    invited speaker.  "Nanogap plasmonic structures for Raman studies of single molecules and heating." American Chemical Society National Meeting, Denver, CO. (3/15)


    colloquium speaker.  "Nanostructures and strongly correlated materials." Tulane University, Dept. of Physics, New Orleans, LA. (4/15)


    invited speaker.  "Tuning vibrational energies in single-molecule junctions." Batsheva de Rothschild Seminar on Molecular Electronics , Jerusalem, Israel . (6/15)


    colloquium speaker.  "How does heating work at the nanoscale?." SUNY Binghamton Department of Physics, Binghamton, NY. (4/14)


    speaker.  "Raman, noise, and resistane measurements to assess heating at the nanoscale." International Workshop on Controlled Charge and Heat Transport at the Molecular Scale, University of Konstanz. (9/14)


    speaker.  "Vanadium dioxide and hydrogen:  Doping and the metal-insulator transition." Physics at the Falls workshop on oxides, University of Buffalo. (5/14)


    speaker.  "Vanadium dioxide:  A switchable permeable membrane for hydrogen." NorTex Conference, Rice University. (10/14)


    Invited talk, International meeting, Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Molecular Systems, Telluride, CO, “Electron heating (and voltage tuning of molecular properties) in nanoscale junctions” (7/2013)


    Invited talk, International meeting, Building Blocks for Carbon-Based Electronics:  From Molecules to Nanotubes, University of Regensburg, Germany, “Molecular-scale Raman as a tool:  Bias-driven shifts of C60 vibrational states” (4/2013)


    Invited talk, ARO workshop on Heavy Fermion Materials and Quantum Phase Transitions, Rice University, “Nanoscale junctions to examine Kondo systems out of equilibrium” (12/2013)


    Presentation, DOE Basic Energy Sciences experimental condensed matter physics PI meeting, “Nanostructure studies of strongly correlated materials” (9/2013)


    "Molecular scale junctions out of equilibrium." International CECAM Workshop on Quantum Transport in Molecular Nanostructures, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. (5/2012)


    "Molecular scale junctions out of equilibrium:  Raman and noise measurements." International meeting, Molecular Electronics in Jerusalem, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. (7/2012)


    colloquium speaker.  "Nanoscale junctions:  optical effects, heating, and taking the temperature on the nanometer scale." University of Illinois, Department of Physics, Urbana-Champaign. (2/2012)


    "Nanoscale plasmonic junctions for sensing and optoelectronic applications." TransAtlantic Science Week (US-Norway Symposium), Rice University, Houston, TX. (11/2012)


    "Nanostructures and Molecular Devices." Developments and Prospects in Quantum Impurity Physics Advanced School and Workshop, Max Planck Institute for Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany. (5/2011)


    "Beyond dc transport:  electronic and optical measurements on single-molecule junctions." International Conference on Molecular Electronics, Emmetten, Switzerland. (01/2010)


    "Nanoscale physics and what I learned at Stanford." 65th Birthday Symposium in Honor of D. D. Osheroff, Stanford University. (10/2010)


    "Atomic and molecular scale devices: beyond DC electronic transport." Physics and Astronomy Colloquium, Rice University, Houston, TX. (9/2009)


    "Correlations in single-molecule transistors and other nanoscale junctions." Hangzhou Workshop on Quantum Matter, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. (10/2009)


    "Nanostructures for fun and (intellectual) profit." Carleton College. (4/2009)


    "Nanostructures to examine transport, dissipation, and correlations." Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Lab. (3/2009)


    "Simultaneous electronic transport and Raman spectroscopy in single-molecule devices." National Nanotechnology Initiative Workshop on Nanotechnology Enabled Sensing, Arlington, VA. (5/2009)


    "Simultaneous electronic transport and Raman spectroscopy in single-molecule devices." American Physical Society March Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA. (3/2009)


    "Simultaneous electronic transport and Raman spectroscopy in single-molecule devices." International CECAM workshop on Quantum Transport at the Molecular Scale, Bremen, Germany. (9/2009)

     Keynote Speaker

    "Plasmons in nanoscale metal junctions:  optical rectification and (effective) thermometry." SPIE Nanoscience and Engineering Conference, San Diego, CA. (8/2011)


    "Taking the temperature of single molecules via surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy." Rice Quantum Insttitute Summer Research Colloquium, Rice University. (8/2011)


    speaker.  "Presenting science to the public:  'It's late; we're all tired; why should any of us care about anything you're saying?'." NerdNite Houston, Houston. (1/14)


    "Nanoscale electronics and quantum effects." Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, Rice University. (9/2010)


    Presenter.  "Hydrogen-stabilized metallic states in VO2:  Structure and transport." Gordon Research Conference on Correlated Electrons, Mt. Holyoke, MA. (7/14)


    Poster, 25th Anniversary Packard Fellows Meeting, Denver, CO, “Heating and electronic interactions approaching the atomic scale”

     Seminar Speaker

    speaker.  "How does heating work at the nanoscale?." Columbia University Department of Physics, New York. (12/14)


    Colloquium, Department of Physics, Pomona College, Claremont, CA, “Heating at the nanoscale” (2/2013)


    Condensed matter seminar, Department of Physics, Texas A&M University, “Heating at the nanoscale:  Vibrational and electronic processes”


    Colloquium, Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, “Molecular scale junctions out of equilibrium:  Raman and noise measurements” (1/2013)


    Seminar, Department of Chemistry, UCSD, San Diego, CA, “Molecular scale junctions out of equilibrium:  Raman measurements” (2/2013)


    "Nanoscale junctions:  optical effects, heating, and taking the temperature at the nanometer scale." Purdue University Department of Physics, West Lafayette, IN. (4/2011)


    "Plasmonics:  Optical antennas, chemical sensing, and photodetection." Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, Palo Alto, CA. (12/2011)


    "Atomic and molecular scale devices:  beyond dc electronic transport." Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University. (5/2010)


    "Beyond dc transport in atomic and molecular scale junctions." Center for Complex Quantum Systems, University of Texas. (02/2010)


    "Nanostructures to examine strongly correlated materials:  magnetite." Texas Center for Superconductivity, University of Houston. (11/2010)


    "Atomic and molecular scale devices: beyond DC electronic transport." Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials colloquium, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. (12/2009)


    "Atomic and molecular scale devices: beyond DC electronic transport." Michigan State University Department of Physics and Astronomy, East Lansing, MI. (11/2009)

    Supervised Theses & Dissertations
     Lam H. Yu, Ph D Transport in Single Molecule Transistors. (2005) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Aaron J. Trionfi, PhD Electronic phase coherence in mesoscopic normal metal wires. (2006) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Behrang H. Hamadani, PhD Electronic charge injection and transport in organic field-effect transistors. (2006) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Sungbae Lee, Ph. D. Electron Transport in Ferromagnetic Nanostructures. (2007) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Zachary K. Keane, Ph. D Transport Phenomena in Molecular-Scale Devices. (2009) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Jeffrey Howard Worne, MSEE Interfacial charge transfer in nanoscale polymer transistors. (2009) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Daniel R. Ward, Ph. D Electrical and Optical Characterization of Molecular Nanojunctions. (2010) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Alexandra F. Fursina, Ph. D (chemistry) Investigation of Electrically Driven Transition in Magnetite, Fe3O4, Nanostructures. (2010) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Jeffrey H. Worne, Ph. D (Electrical Engineering) Charge transport and transfer at the nanoscale between metals and novel conjugated materials. (2012) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Jun Yao, Ph. D (Applied Physics) Resistive switching and memory effects in silicon oxide based nanostructures. (2012) (Co-Director)

     Patrick J. Wheeler, Ph. D Noise in electromigrated nanoscale junctions. (2014) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Ruoyu Chen, Ph. D Noise and quantum coherence in ensembles of atomic-scale junctions. (2015) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Kenneth M. Evans, PhD Photoresponse of bowtie nanojunctions. (2015) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Heng Ji, Ph. D Controlling the metal-insulator transition in VO2 nanostructures. (2015) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Will Hardy, Ph. D (Applied Physics) Strongly correlated nanostructures and metal-insulator transitions. (2016) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

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     Loah Stevens, PhD Noise in nanostructures. (2018) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

     Charlotte Evans, PhD Dissipation in molecular junctions. (2018) (Thesis or Dissertation Director)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     APS Fellow (Division of Condensed Matter Physics), American Physical Society (11/2012)

     AAAS Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (11/2012)

     David and Lucille Packard Foundation Fellowship, David and Lucille Packard Foundation (2003-2008)

     Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (2004-2006)

     CAREER grant, National Science Foundatioon (2004-2009)

     Research Innovation Award, Research Corporation (5/1/2002)

     Outstanding Faculty Associate, Wiess College, Rice University (5/20/2002)