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Scholarly Interest Report
John W. Freeman
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus and Research Professor
  • B.A.(1957 ) Beloit College
  • M.S.(1961) University of Iowa
  • Ph.D.(1963) University of Iowa
Primary Department
   Department of Physics and Astronomy
Department Affiliations
  • Master of Liberal Studies
  • Rice Space Institute
    Research Areas
     Magnetospheric physics, solar-terrestrial relations, and space weather
    Research Statement
     DR. FREEMAN came to Rice in 1965
    after one year as a staff scientist at
    NASA Headquarters in Washington
    D.C. He has directed a number of
    satellite instrumentation projects including
    an experiment deployed on the moon by
    the Apollo astronauts. For this effort, he
    was awarded the NASA Medal for
    Exceptional Scientific Achievement.
    Following the Apollo program, he turned
    to space applications and he directed a
    program to evaluate the feasibility of the
    satellite solar power concept. He served
    as Editor-in-Chief of "Space Power", a
    journal dedicated to space applications.
    One of his two patents is a solar energy
    conversion device for space. At the
    present time, Dr. Freeman's primary
    research interests include computer
    modeling of the Earth's magnetosphere
    for space weather specification and
    prediction, neural network and other
    artificial intelligence applications to
    forecasting geophysical parameters, and
    solar wind modeling and data analysis
    with emphasis on heating and
    acceleration processes in the solar wind.
    Rice University Developed Space Weather Model Becomes Operational the Air Force Weather Agency
     The Magnetospheric Specification and Forecast Model (MSFM) has been installed by the U.S. Air force and is now fully operational at the Air Force Weather Agency. This model was developed by faculty, staff and students at Rice over a preiod of time in the 1990s. It is a forecast version of the nowcast Magnetospheric Specification Model (MSM). Development of these Space Weather Models was funded by the Air Force.
    Teaching Areas
     General Science, Space Weather, Lunar and Solar System Physics
    Selected Publications

    John W. Freeman "Storms in Space." : 192.


    "No Title." 


    John W. Freeman and Seth Orloff "Specifying Cut-offs for Solar Energetic Particles." Space Weather, AGU Mongraph number 125, P.Song, H. Singer, and G. Siscoe, Editors, 2001


    J. W. Freeman "Specifying geomagnetic cutoffs in solar energetic particles." "Space Weather" Proceedings of the Chapman Conference, (Accepted for publication) (Accepted for publication)


    S. Orloff, A. A. Chan, S. Naehr, R. A. Wolf and J. W. Freeman "Earth-circling energetic electron orbits that traverse the cusps." J. Geophys. Res. (Submitted)


    Freeman, J. W., Y. Kamide, J.-H. Shue and B. Hausman "Toward real-time mapping of the ionospheric electric fields and currents." Advances in Space Research, Elsevier Science Ltd. (1999)


    J. W. Freeman and T. P. O'Brien "Neural Networks for the Specification of Spectral Characteristics of Storm-Time Energetic Electrons at Geostationary Orbit." AI Applications in Solar-Terrestrial Physics, ESA WPP-148 (1998/April) : 207-212.


    J. W. Freeman, T. P. O'Brien, A. A. Chan, and R. A. Wolf "Energetic Electrons at Geostationary Orbit During the November 3-4, 1993 Storm: Spatial/Temporal Morphology, Characterization by a Power-Law Spectrum and Representation by an Artificial Neural Network." Journal of Geophysical Research, 103, #A11 (1998/November) : 26251-26259.

     Invited Talks

    "Storms in Space." Prarie View A & M University, Praries View, Texas. (November 16, 2005)


    "BATS-R-US: Building a Magnetospheric Model." Computer Science Department, Augsburg College, Minneapolis Minnesota. (October 31, 2001)


    "My Experiences as a Space Scientist." Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota. (October 31, 2001)


    "The Anatomy of a Storm in Space." Physics Department, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota. (October 31, 2001)


    "Demonstration of the Rice Magnetospheric Specification Model Including Energetic Electrons." 1st S-RAMP meeting (Invited), Sapporo, Japan. (October 2000)


    "Modeling the Van Allen Radiation Belt Electrons." 38th AIAA Meeting (Invited), Reno, NV. (January 2000)


    "Specifying Geomagnetic Cutoffs for Solar Energetic Particles." Chapman Conference (Invited), Clearwater, FL. (March 2000)


    "Use of Artificial Neural Networks as Forecasting Drivers for the MSM and EEMSM." 1st S-RAMP meeting (Invited), Sapporo, Japan. (October 2000)


    "A radiation belt test model and a model for the specification of solar energetic particle cutoffs and spectra." Space Weather Week, Boulder, CO. (April, 1999)


    "Building computer models of the space environment." Physics Colloquium, Augsburg College. (April, 1999)


    "MSM Phase I: Present online resources and model applications." GEM Miniworkshop, San Francisco, CA. (December, 1999)


    "Storms in Space." Sverdrup Visiting Scientist Lecture, Augsburg College. (April, 1999)


    "Storms in space." Particles and Fields Discussion Group presentation, Rice University. (November, 1999)


    "The other story behind the Apollo missions." South High School, Minneapolis, MN. (April, 1999)


    "Trapped energetic electron orbits that enter the cusp." Spring AGU Meeting, Boston, MA. (May, 1999) With With S. Orloff, R. Wolf, A. Chan, and S. Naehr


    "An Approach to Modeling MeV Electrons." Mini Radiation Belt Festival, Air Force Research lab, Hanscom Air Force Base, MA. (9/9/98) With A. Chan, B Hausman, A. Hirst, and R. Wolf


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    "History of the Development of the Magnetospheric Specification Model." Research to Operations, NOAA Boulder, CO. (March 5, 1998)


    "Neural Networks for the Specification of Energetic Electrons at GEO." GEM Summer Workshop, Snowmass CO.. (June 18, 1998) With T. P. Obrien


    "Plans for the Phase I MSM Web Page." GEM Summer Workshop, Snowmass CO.. (June 17, 1998)


    "Solar Energetic Particle Tracer." DSWA Integrated Space Weather Model Program Review, Nashua, NH. (May 22, 1998) With S. Orloff


    "Space Weather: What it is and what we can do about it." Physics Department Colloquium, University of Texas, Austin TX. (September 28, 1998)


    "The Solar Energetic Particle Tracer (SEPTR)." Mission Research Corporation Review Meeting, Springfield, VA. (October 12, 1998) With S. Orloff


    "The Use of Neural Networks for the Prediction of Space Weather Parameters." Western Pacific Geophysical Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan. (1998/July) With K. Costello, A. Nagai, B. Hausman, and A. Hirst


    "Use of Animation for the Visualization of Large-Scale ULF Waves in the Magnetosphere." Fall American Geophysical Union Meeting, San Francisco, CA. (December, 2004)


    "Visualization of Radial and Toroidal ULF Waves in the Equatorial Plane." ITR Workshop, Edmonton Canada. (June, 2005)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     Outstanding Young Men of America, (1971)

     Certificate of Appreciation, DOE/NASA

     NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, NASA (1971)

     Distinguished Service Citation, Beloit College (1972)

     Certificate of Recognition, NASA - Johnson Space Center

     Member, Flemming Medal Award Committee (AGU)

     Member, American Geophysical Union

     Member, Flemming Medal Award Committee (AGU) (1999)

     Sverdrup Visiting Scientist, Augsburg College (1999)

     Member, American Geophysical Union (1999)

     Apollo Achievement Award, NASA (1979)